Handicaps - Points Chase of Central Florida


When viewing the points needed page it helps if you know what you are looking at. The 10 numbers to the right of your name represent your last 10 plays in this game. Those 10 numbers are used to determine your points needed for the next time you play and that number is the blue number to the far right of the page. That "blue number" is arrived at by using your last 10 plays and taking the best 5 of those plays, adding together, and dividing by 5. That number may seem high when you look at it but remember THAT NUMBER DOES NOT REPRESENT YOUR MEDAL PLAY HANDICAP. That number needed is what it is because of the points value we use of 1 bogey, 2 par, 4 birdie and 6 eagle. Simply do the math and you will see why this system makes so much sense.

For more information please send an email to: greg@golfpointsflorida.com